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A topical exploration of hibernation. With photos...


Mmm. Mmmm. Time for Pie.

Shake your moneymaker. Shake it baby.

No turning back now

3rd floor- habidashery and laminate!

Snuck up on me...

An open letter to Butterick

Sweet nogging cakes



Apparently I'm skinny

She's crafty and she's just my type!

The Leapfrog has landed



Too much church and paint and soup

Tomorrow and tomorrow and tomorrow

Blinky tour

Gift ideas

I'm a git

Xnay on the Uffspay

Weekends make things better

I am trying to not be so dissapointed in myself right now

friday miscellaneous thoughts running about in my head

I haz a tag


Quantum of Solace: akshun-UR doin it rong.

It's been in my head since I woke up

Speaking of a monkey with a hangover...

My eyes! They burn!

Not-so Mellow Yellow

Tha Apolcalypse Doesn't Have To Be Lonely

Tee hee

What would Jeebus do?

You've got to give it away....

These are exciting times

Happiness patrol

Slowly but surely

Operation clean sweep



The Gay Conspiracy

Well whaddaya know...

Honey- Where is the rake...?

Congratulations! It's a Zoe!

New favourite

Let them eat cake...pumpkin cake

Getting old dammit

Inquiring minds want to know

"Snow Day"

I'm cold and tired and there are wolves after me

Little bit of evil, tiny bit of evil...



Note to self...Geek likes curry

Casa Geo - for all your vegging needs...

Hokus Pokus Jiggety Jig

I dare ya

Didn't we just *do* this a few months ago??