Let them eat cake...pumpkin cake

No this isn't my pumpkin...I wish.

I had a great birthday - cake at work, cake at my brother's place (popped over for a bit of my gluten free pumpkin spice cake with cream cheese frosting...which was fantastic) and watched my brother carve up some pumpkins for a bit...I was going to bring one and make a pumpkin like the one above, but when I got home from work, I'd found that J had set up the living room as a giant birthday theatre...one night only viewing of The Nightmare Before Christmas on the entire wall - Complete with giant beanbag chair, Chinese takeaway and a few bottles of chilled Innis & Gunn. So yeah...visited my brother a bit, but returned home, full of cake, for the film. It's the film J and I saw together at the artsy theatre by the library years and years ago on my birthday, back before we were a we...and were at more of a great friends eyeing up each other's bottoms stage. Love the film, and it is very sentimental for me...so to watch it last night was great. The digitally remastered DVD is really clear...even on a huge wall. Gotta love it.

Plus, I've got a now got a Prisoner graphic novel to read. It takes off when the series ends. The Prisoner is an old favourite of mine...it looks very cool.

I was going to dress up for work today, but I slept in. I have a viking costume, but my flu shot that I got yesterday (happy birthday to me) has made me a bit tired, so I cheated and didn't. Plus wearing a brown corset and knee high boots with a viking helmet to work seemed a bit...well too much for the lab, y'know? And I can't see through the bear head well enough to do any work...so I wimped out on that too. And the mirror ball helmet was tucked away...I know pathetic excuses, but I was jsut too tired to dress up this morning. I may go across to the student commons at lunch tho to see just what costumes are out there. (altho Halloween seems to be the time for women to be allowed to dress skanky for no good reason...but that's n yearly rant for some other time).
My viking apparel is still ready for if we go out with friends tonight, but after yesterday I feel perfectly content to not do a thing tonight other than hand out some candy to the odd little person who comes to our door and relax.

Happy Halloween everyone.
I'm gonna try and get some work done and not eat any more cake today...


the Bag Lady said…
Sounds like you had a terrific birthday!

And dang it, even if you don't go out tonight, wear the Viking costume to hand out candy!!!!! (my Swedish heritage demands it!)
Missicat said…
Sounds like a great day! Cream cheese frosting...my fave.
Unknown said…

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Note: In order to locate your image later it would be much appreciated if you would include a link to this blog in your response. Thanks again!!

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