Thank god it's friday.
This has been what has seemed like the longest week ever. Lots do do...
FINALLY, J gets a day off tomorrow. Why is this significant? Well he hasn't had a day off since Oct kidding.
So it will be much napping and relaxing.
Tonight, the Fort Knox Five are in town along with Matt the Alien at the Odeon-this is a good thing. I do believe I will dance off some vibes by shaking my butt at the speed of sound to some great funk and breaks.
...and then veg out saturday...raking, trimming a hedge, making yummy food. Watching the new Futurama film. you like normal people.

Because I'm too bleah and lame to do a full out friday favourites, let me just say that today, my brain has been stuck on the Cranberries older album actually.
No Need to Argue is a great old album...and so, because the song has been in my head all can hear Zombie too. Go here. Universal is being a ponce and won't let me embed it...

Later tater..


Rimshot said…
Mmm, cranberries.

Have a great weekend!
Anonymous said…
I have that tape... and Zombie is one of my all-time favourites.
I heard that Lemon Jelly song with the ducks in it on XM radio last week and it made me think of you. :)

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