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Movin on over....

Goo goo cachoo

Why Wear a Poppy

I mumble mumble hate mumble mumble pink

turkey coma in 5...4...3...


talk amongst yourselves


my fix

Cranky panda

Berry nice

It's true

It's for your own good you know

This is why I can't have nice things

Do we know how to party or what

leaks. I haz dem.

White Minstrel brewery at your service

wine update


To market to market...



garden goodness

thinking outside the box

Nice afterthought

One! One hat! Ah ah ah!

Operation non-nibble

Just chillin

Get your gurl on

so close


Just chillin at the sally ann

utterly childish

Leaping Lizards

oh pants!

Power to the people alright...

I cannot stop laughing

we will be among you soon


Ring Ring

How rude

New shovels are cool

Yes I'd love a glass thanks

I made a thing!

Saturday morning rant

So far so good

Some days...

robot activate!

Steps to Knitting

Fine options

I am so done with winter

eh? What's that whippersnapper?

well whaddaya know

I know how to wait

Happy love day

here we go again

Illegally park that steed of damnation

sneaky squeaky cheese


Soapbox rant of the hour

When your house is burning down you should brush your teeth

Only on the prairies


music soothes the tortured soul

"Just when you think you're out...they pull you back in"

Something to think about

Just put it in my veins

joy of middle management #56