Casa Geo - for all your vegging needs...

Here at Casa Geo, we strive to give that comfortable, relaxed feel of home. We strive to be the place to lounge about and drink champagne and nibble caviar, er, I mean sip beer and coffee and eat muffins, and feel as though it is our place to call home...

We've been up to a lot as of late...with a strange interlude, and I was going to wait for my reno update until all was back in place. I'm now coming to realize that knowing us and our insane lives it will probably be a while until it is all I decided to give you a little pictoral report on the updating of Casa Geo.

First...the summer project of over a week of solid painting (and an unfortunate injury to a blind saleswoman) that turned this into this:
Spiffed up living room/front entrance
Again...ze living room...
And dining area...with a new light fixture. I'm almost more excited about it than anything else about that room reno :)
Here's a close up. Why? It rocks! Here at Casa Geo we will never speak of the old ugly brass glass thing that hung there ever again...

Not too bad eh? The painting turned out well, and the blinds are great...they match the beam perfectly. And then, thanks to my amazing Dad...there are some new friends in the house:
The Dishpig:

And The Twins:

Yes...Geo saw it, and it was good. So, to try and earn my above rewards, today I have done laundry, taken in the recycling, gotten a sexy new haircut, and am now waiting for J to be done work (boo saturday sports mobiles). I've made some experimental cookies (not bad actually), and tonight I am making some homemade pizza with some tasty sauce sent to be by none other than the lovely Baglady. Yes...I opened my front door the other day to find a parcel from Her Bagness (I do mean that in the kindest possible way :) ) In it were some tasty looking home canned goodies. A little gift box of goodies, all for guessing her photo quiz. Lucky me :)
Thanks a million! (Note to all - if you answer a trivia contest for the Baglady, she is DEFINITELY good for it !)

So there you have it.
What I've been up to when sanity allows.
I'm off for some pizza and coffee...bye! :)


the Bag Lady said…
Had to chuckle at your statement "an unfortunate injury to a blind saleswoman" - I am assuming you meant a seller of window blinds rather than a saleswoman who is visually impaired..... :)

Your place looks great! I am suffering serious appliance envy!

Glad your parcel got there in one piece! Thanks for your kind words and the shout out!
Pacian said…
I can never past the bouncer at Casa de Geo. It can't be my nice new shoes, can it?
grapecat said…
ooh drier envy (I just typed that with num lock and it came out 666h dr5er envy-)
we have have not had a drier since we left the olde sod (SO TO SPEAK) (but we have found capslock). Obvs.
we just have mold and lots of it
drier envy
i has it
Anonymous said…
It's looking beautiful -- all that hard work is paying off. :-)
Geosomin said…
Funny thing - my brother LOVES that old he's taking it. To put over HIS dining room table.
Good recycle I suppose...just goes to show. Something for everyone.

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