Too much church and paint and soup

This weekend was two christenings and then a memorial service out at the funeral home chapel.
All very nice, but a bit much for one day. One niece grinned ear to ear despite dripping water every where. The other screamed bloody murder over the whole water business. Don't blame her...get the girl all prettied up and then hold her up in front of a bunch of people and dunk her head in some river water? I'd be pissed.

On the plus side, I have finished the white paint. It is now white and not a collection of day glow colours. It's a bit thick in places but it's white - only 2 primer coats and 6 paint coats. I'm so glad it's done...tonight and tomorrow is the "fun" stuff - the Leapfrog green walls and then the painting is over...finally. We even found super cheap laminate for the crappy old's slowly coming together. Hopefully Dad will come out a day early and help me put it in. I"m not sure how it'll look if I do it all myself...

I also found a recipe to use up the gargantuan 6 Lb Kabocha squash that's been staring at me for the past month or so. The thing was bigger than my head but it made some kickass soup. It's yummy. All 4 litres of it. I still have half the thing frozen for later. soup....

This is all terribly dull I know, but it is what it is. My happy but busy life. Perhaps soon I'll have a poignant rant or some pretty pictures for you. Until then...suck it up my dear muffins. It's all I got for ya :)
It's odd...the snow is finally here and it really does seem more like Christmas. I still have no urge to put up lights yet. For me that is really odd...usually I'm twitching and peeking in boxes mid November. For now it's back to work and all that.
Have a good day :)


the Bag Lady said…
Hey, it's nice to know you have a nice, normal life....not dull! Now the Bag Lady's life - that's dull! :)

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