3rd floor- habidashery and laminate!

We now have nifty laminate in the green room upstairs. Dad did it this afternoon.

My Dad is awesome- He's even going to put the baseboards on too...shmancy ones were on sale so they'll be spiffy...we had to drive home in -28 weather with the 10 foot lengths sticking out the car window wrapped in towels and held in place by the me squished in an odd angle in the back seat (yes my hands froze)...but we got them home. Once there's a light I can take a picture of the wondrousness. It's really a totally different room. I love it now. I actually want to be in there.
I'd like to say I helped, but I prepped it and got the stuff for him and watched and oohed and aahed at appropriate intervals. I took the afternoon off to hang out with Mum & Dad...it was a nice visit. Tomorrow is gingerbread houses with the niece Cutestuff and then crazy farewell dinner...33 people in a tiny house. I will test my social crowds personal space abilities...what started out as a small family dinner with ableskeevers and sausages had ballooned into a large potluck. I'm tired just thinking about it :)
Ah well...tommorrow will take care of itself. For now I am content to have worked hard, got in some bellydancing and baseboarding along with a nice visit with the parents.

And on that thought...to bed. I have to get up and paint the baseboards early...oh the thrilling life I lead :)


the Bag Lady said…
Can I borrow your dad? I have lots of stuff I'd like to do, but most of it requires two people...... or at least, one who knows what he's doing!

Good for you for getting all that done, and enjoy your crowded dinner!
Anonymous said…
lol you want to borrow his dad?
Anonymous said…
With that many people there, it should be easy to disappear into the bush without anybody noticing. :-)
FirstNations said…
lordy, good luck with that. just the thought makes me go all funny inside...

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