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This weekend I did some sewing, ate pie (homemade pumpkin pie I might add) for breakfast and got through the first 2 films in the Lord of The Rings Extended trilogy. It was below -25...hibernation time. When you can sit on your couch with a glass of coffee and *watch* the river freeze, you don't need to go outside. I stayed in and baked pie and cookies and drank rum and eggnog and generally did nothing useful. I probably should have done more, but I haven't relaxed in a long I did as little as possible. Even finished the Hobbit...yes, it was good.

Today? Back at life, enduring a mere -32 °C, with the severe wind making it feel like it is -44°.
Winter sure came with a pointed stick this year...


Man, that's cold. Wait a minute, it's in Celsius. That makes it, um, still cold.

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