friday miscellaneous thoughts running about in my head

Blimey. Busy here.
All my own fault, as usual :)
I just got fabric and such so I can sew christmas stuff for my new little niece, and am now committed (after last night's rehearsal) to no less than 3 routines at the bellydance performance in february. One of them is a solo. I learn the basics for that on sunday night. I'm excited, but I really have to get in serious practicing...about half an hour a day (all 3 routines full thru twice every day) to get them down well, tweak them and actually be able to smile and enjoy myself when I perform them. It should be fun. For some reason performing this way doesn't weird me out at all...
And the painting is getting closer. The priming and ceiling is done, so I hope to finish it off this weekend. Then we can start moving stuff back and put in a few shelves on the parent's are coming to visit the weekend before Christmas insanity begins and all the stuff from the room I'm painting is piled in the spare room...I need to really plan out december to keep my sanity...this way, I have a deadline :).
It'll be good to move the computer up there and set it all up-finally! I was peering thru old blog posts a while back and realised this painting the room for the computer was an idea we started almost 2 years ago...started with making the craft room in the basement 2 Christmases ago...then the wireless, lots of *finally* this. Hopefully it does what it's meant to and makes a lot more useful space and allow us to organise our life more. We're annoyingly cluttered in life, but a lot of it is due to no organised functional spaces...just piles of stuff...that we randomly move around...over and over...this will (I hope) stop a lot of that. I want to sit in my home and not have a "just ignore the clutter" filter on...just live and know where things are :)
Ah to dream...


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