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Safety is Swell

The Lazy

Muffin muffin muffin- oh- Muffin muffin hey

It's not a frog with a tophat, but it'll do

Holy Crap with a Parachute

Lemon Jelly - Nice weather for Ducks

Times A Wastin'

The boring part of fixing things...

Attack of the yard

What the word needs now is pie, sweet pie summer holidays... am I supposed to catch up on it all?


I learned something today

Note to self...plan ahead

Meme cat - Geek's turn to waste your precious time

Go Speedracer Go!

I'll have an avelox with a side of prednisone straight up...

Bubble wars!

Happy birthday Widget

Oh my, it's a mirage, I'm tellin y'all it's sabotage!

It's alive! ALIVE!

Friday Favoties Vol.8 - The Dream, by The Orb

Getting sick of it