Operation clean sweep

Whew...we're gearing up to clean the whole damn house top to bottom.
I am not looking forward to it, but being cooped up inside in the winter requires an anti-furring of the domicile to keep me well.
Plus, I'm feeling guilty about not having things all back together after the renos, so this will help get things back to a semblance of normal...and...um...find all the things I tucked away for "safe keeping" while we painted.
Wish me luck.


the Bag Lady said…
Good luck!

And when you're done there, how about coming here and doing mine?
grapecat said…
Ha ha - that's what we're doing - but I have us on a weekend intensive schedule of a room per weekend. It's because my parents (bless them) are coming over for xmas this year. I haven't seen them in a few years and I want to take advantage of the time apart to replace thier current image of my life (rather mad chaos, moving so often we didn't always unpack the boxes)with one of calm neat mature sensibility. (quit sniggering). It is shocking, simply shocking some of the things we've found - I didn't think we were that messy! It is lovely once it's done though. At least yours is a short shock and will be over soon :)

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