These are exciting times

This weekend was a busy one - started off quite crappy, but ended up just fine. I got lots done and managed to spend some time with J too...nice. J's Mom was in the hospital for a few days, but she is home now and is OK, so that is a relief. A sign that the weekend was to be a good one.
I had a tasty baked fish meal with Magnus on friday, and then visited with some family that were in town a tiny bit of time. That was nice. And on the weekend? Well, more tidying, and I volunteered at the CFCR art auction for most of was at a posh country club, but I was stuck at the money desk for the evening, so I didn't have as much fun pretending I was a wealthy heiress on holiday in Spain like I'd planned. We had a lot of nice pieces and most of them sold, and people were happy. Half the proceeds go to the local artists and the other half to CFCR, so that was good. There were some pieces there I would have loved to take home, but who am I kidding? They don't take bark and leaves as payment - I should know. I was the one taking the payments!
Sunday was attack the yard day. the snow we had briefly melted on saturday, so I took the chance to take out a borrowed rake and attack the yard and trim up the hedges. I love power tools. I didn't get to where the vines were, but after 3 solid hours in the yard, it's looking rather nice. The back and sides and around the steps and hedges are all done for winter. I'm glad, as I figured I wouldn't have been abler to get to it this year. I'm surprised I'm not stiff after all that, actually.
I've also gotten some primer and we've pretty much picked out the paint for the computer room...I have this week to patch holes and wash walls so I can start painting it this coming weekend - I'm very excited. Add to that that operation clean sweep is pretty much done except for the bookshelves near the computer (J's job) and the kitchen clutter (*sigh*) and it's pretty exciting. Instead of looking around and seeing lots of things to do, I'm seeing all the things I've gotten *done*.
THAT is a good feeling.
I also dusted some of the plants above the door and we put some plants back in the living room. We also picked up some frames for some stuff we've wanted to hang up for ages, so that is a step closer to being hung up too...
Exiting times at Casa Geo.
Moving on up we are. Yessirree.

Best of all?
I finally got to spend some of my birthday money and I picked up this:
Veganomicon. I've been eying it up for's set up like the Joy of Cooking (my cooking bible) with comments on how to cook and prepare all the grains and beans and other things mentioned in the book, and then 250 yummy looking vegan recipes. I'm not vegan, but I find a lot of vegan cooking is delicious, as they actually rely on the flavour of foods, and not just a slab of meat, for tastiness. So I have lots of things to try out and now I can learn how to cook all these things I've read about but have no idea what to do quinoa.
I'm excited. Anything yummy will get posted on my foody blog.

Gotta go...busy day. Talk amongst yourselves :)


Anonymous said…
You are one busy wabbit. Yum yum cook book.
Magnus said…
I bought Northern Pike by the way. Any preparation suggestions?

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