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Cybernetic enhancements - phase 1

Note to self...your cat is a ninja

Panic Mode

Watching the game


Yowling Science of Paint

Wow...what a lineup. But that's OK. Look at me...hay hay hay!


Ah yes...

It's heaven, being on the moon


Poor chap lost his head somewhere in Polynesia...

Fridays had been right torn out

Barometric pressure rising...

Luv Day

Apparently I should eat more lard


Monthly meme

Cat Haiku

Junk. I haz it.

Friday Favourites Vol. 7: The desert needs a beer

Boot to the head! (nah nah...)

TNT for the brain

They're justified and they're ancient...and they drive an ice cream van

Winter blahs

I love it when a plan comes together

Friday Favorite, Vol. forget...6? Yeah 6 is good.