I'm cold and tired and there are wolves after me

My friend Pete sent this site to me. It looks at bizarre things...like the post I linked to, with 10 truly bizarre old ads.
My favorite is the one above...altho, the one with the pig slicing itself up as lunch and the smoking Santa are, truly, whackjob.


Missicat said…
Those ARE super creepy! Smoking Santa? *snicker*
Anonymous said…
Hey Rimshot!
Where'd yo ugo??

You're this elusive part of the internet now...no blog...no links...did you upload your consciousness into the web?
Come on, you can tell me...
Rimshot said…
The blog is here:


but I kinda like 'elusive'...*snicker*

as to uploading...I don't know that I have a consciousness to upload...I'm much more of a stream of nonsense trying hard not to think kinda guy.

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