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Alive and kicking

Hi- still here. Mostly posting on my other blog point in repeating. Changed the format here...seemed fitting what with me being less frequent -mainly I just love the photo. Wish I knew code better so I could get my own tweaked template. I've been dabbling in website design at work and at home lately so I'm starting to learn some tricks.

I may start to link to other posts there, although I admit I've been lousy at posting at all the last long while. Life is busy and it seems like Facebook and Instagram steal a lot of what may have ended up here in the past. I am trying to be more present and have active hobbies not on the interwebs. Also? I am lazy...

But, I hope you're well. Let me know what you're up to.
I'm healed up and still kicking.
Weird as over. Older and curioser.

To you today? Much love.

Gotta go - science calls!

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