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Note to self

Wouldn't you like to know...


Foody goody - yes please

rain rain go away

Going on a holiday....gonna have a good time.

How sweet it is to be loved by J

I'd like to be your hero - I am a mighty little man

Why I'm not allowed to be an engineer wait...e...

wella wella well...

Don't let the wonderful world of art pass you by

Yardorama and my calves of steel

If Costello bought a computer from Abbot

I like shiny things

To counteract the ickiness of my previous post

We interrupt this workout for this important nude announcement

Saffron...sounds nice actually

I heart Peter Parker

Mumble mumble spiderman mumble mumble

I'm walking on sunshine waaaaoooooooooh

With extreme prejudice...

All hail the mighty parallax