Not-so Mellow Yellow


I'm emptying out the room which is soon to be painted and I'm losing the "fun", so I thought I'd take a break for a bit. I just want to get to the painting colour part...thankfully Cloe (she whose room it used to be) was not insane about coverng every inch of wall with some piece of antiquey crap like her Mom & Aunt were, so there's not a lot of holes to fill- just relocate the dozen or so plants in there (from the living room) to the spare room, empty out the bookshelf and wash the walls. She did pick rubber duck yellow walls and neon pink and orange and red trim tho - *sigh* - it hurts the eyes after a while...
Lots of priming to do...I have to paint the ceiling too, as she kept hitting it with the paint roller and didn't clean it off, so there are little yellow spots all over...Oh well. It's a tiny room, so it won't be too much extra work.
I admit I haven't decluttered the table or the kitchen counter which was my deal with myself originally to "get to" do this, but I don't much care at this point. It's big house and I'm done with that for a while - I need to do something other than sift through crap, sort stuff and vaccuum or I'll throw a wobbler. A big one...with party hats and fruit salad.

It's my friday off and J works most of the day so I'm trying to be useful and get all the boring stuff done so I can paint all weekend...there's a great band I want to see in town tomorrow night (Herbaliser) and J wants to go see the Sadies it's not all work. I'm just not in much of a mood to do anything really other than stare at all the fluffy snow and drink coffee.

Suppose I'll get back to it then...


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