Congratulations! It's a Zoe!

My little niece Zoe was born a few minutes ago. (8 Lb 12 oz for those of you who like to know that sort of thing...)
My sister in law Jen had a rough time of it - in labour since about 6 yesterday, and then after the baby being face up and not delivering they eventually gave her a c-section late this morning. Ouchy...but in the end, the safest thing for Zoe.
Zoe and Mom (and much relieved Dad) are doing much better now. I just popped up to say hello to them and say welcome to the little widget on my way to work...I'm so glad the maternity hospital is the one where I have my lab, so I can pop up and see them all while they are in the hospital recovery over the next few days...she has so much hair!!

Welcome little one! :)


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