"Snow Day"

I had grand plans for the weekend.
I really did.

All this raking and trimming and hammering in the yard. The sun goes down so early now that it's hard to get anything done on a weekday. Soooo, I was going to prep the yard for winter this weekend...and then the wind came. Yes - Sakatoon is called the "windy city" for very good reason. All freaking weekend it was so windy you couldn't really go outside. We tried. We got a block out and were cold, grumbly and saw large objects flying by sideways. Not safe. Not fun. If it was winter, it'd be a roaring blizzard.

My solution?

Turn off the phones, stock up on snackables and snuggle up with each other to read, relax and spend a lovely weekend together. If anyone in the real world tried to reach us - I do apologise. It was the equivalent of a blizzardy day just a bit early. It's been ages since J has been off for a weekend with no work, so we just stayed inside, napping in the sun and just enjoying the time together. We baked tasty things and drank Hobgoblin ale. We read entire novels at one go. We put our Stikfas together (my Master Assassin kicks ass). We played with the cats. The house was a toasty warm bubble...and it was glorious.

The wind conveniently died sometime during the night last night, so it's back to the real world again. I'm hopeful it's *not* blowey next weekend as I really do actually have a lot of yardwork to do and it's going to snow soon...I was glad for the "snow day" though.

It was lovely.


Anonymous said…
That can be the joy of bad weather. :-) Like not having to go to work when the rain is coming down heavily.
the Bag Lady said…
We had that wind here on the weekend, too. Record-breaking. Tree-knocking down. Our power was out for 3 hours on Saturday.
I got some reading done, too!
Pacian said…
Crazy. It just snowed where I am. And I mean right where I am. Fourty minutes walk away, in the town centre, no snow at all. o_O

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