Wednesday, July 02, 2008

Another hard day at the paint mine

Guess what sucks more than painting the ceiling of a big room? Painting it TWICE.

Yes...Our ceilings are the same boring beige as the walls and it's taking 2 coats of paint to make them look white again. Thankfully I'm half way through the second coat...thanks to...Scaffolding! Tadaah!

"Hmmm...where to paint first?

Thankfully I could rent scaffolding for a week and it's sped things up considerably...much safer than leaning and teetering all over a ladder. My shins are already black and blue :)
In case you're curious, here are the colours for the room:

I'm starting on the yellow tomorrow. It's hard to tell how nice the colours are form my crappy photos, but trust me...they'll be nice. Yellow for the hall and the other 2 in the living room/dining room. It's finally coming seemed to be taking for ever, but luckily yesterday and today have been much nicer days, so I've been able to get more done. I'm taking a wee break at the moment, but I should get back to it. We're currently buried in tarps and tape, but after the ceilings, I get to the fun part - the colours. It's a big space to paint which is why I've been tactfully ignoring it until now, but I'm beginning to see that it might get done soon.

Back to the land of tarps and paint...back later!


the Bag Lady said...

Great colours! Looking forward to seeing the finished project!!
Hope the weather stays decent for you. We are supposed to be boiling tomorrow. Again.

Rimshot said...

I cant really comment on the colors (color-blind), but when you're done, my kitchen and bathroom need makeovers.

Magnus said...

I just don't recall seeing that orange swirly stuff on the walls.