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lights and shiny things galore

Music (Sunday Scribblings)

"He had a dream about a hand...I think it was the one from the Addam's Family..."

They say bad luck comes in threes...I wonder what #3 will be

Meep moop blandygoop


Don't touch it, it's evil

No caption required

If you want to know the things we see, then step inside our skins

I luv you big brudder

Riding on the bus

Beauty Tips

A meme at the end of a long day

Sunday Scribblings: Bed

Note to self #2

Offside for women

Papadums and Little Bears

The universe exploded 'cause of one man's lie

Karma chameleon

Indeedly do

With fingernails that shine like justice

Spanish castles in space

I've got my tin foil hat on standby

Quote of the day

And another thing...

Mysteries and revelations

Not sure how to take this...

Rainy day

Ultimate cuteness

My new favourite breakfast

Cleanliness is next to...

Boo urns


Earliest Memory

Being normal is delicious

Yesterday you walked me home

4 X 4...Y?