Apparently I'm skinny

Man...I have so much bellydancing practice to do. In saying this I imply I've been practicing a lot. Our practice last night showed me just how little Ive done and how I've got to step it up to get the routines down better...I know the moves, I just can't do them in proper order without someone leading me. This will not do. I mean, who's gonna be there for my solo?

But, turns out I've been standing and doing all the moves with my feet too far I have to practice it all "right"...and learn more moves. This is a good thing though, as it explains why my knees were bothered sometimes before...too much rotation on the knees when your legs are too far apart.
And they kept telling me to exaggerate some of the moves with my hips...because (get this) I'm just too skinny and I need to emphasis the moves more for people to see them. Made me grin a lot...apparently I'm doing something right healthwise...I still think of myself as the pudgy girl in the corner, so it's a pleasant thing to hear. :)

This weekend is stock up and don't go outside all weekend as it'll be stupid cold.
I plan on sewing, practicing my bellydancing and snuggling up to watch movies. We may marathon the Lord of the Rings. We shall see.

Before I's my "what I'm up to right now" meme:

Current clothes: Yellow shirt, turquoise hooded cardigan, jeans, black specs.

Current mood: Tired, but happy. Busy day, but the weekend is here. I need some vegging.

Current music: A CD of Ambient and electronic remixes of Billy Holiday. Some are great, some tracks not so much...

Current annoyance: My lungs are slowly improving, but it's like I'm almost getting a cold, but I'm not. It seems the cold agrivates things for me, and I squeak like an old lady with emphysema at times...but I'm using my steroid inhaler and it's getting better. Still couching a bit, but breathing is good. I'm getting better I think.

Current thing: Reorganising and decluttering the house and generally doing too much. Seriously. I'm getting lots done, but man...crazy times. I did finish painting a bedroom tho, and that is one big part of it. When Dad comes he'll help put down the floor and then we're done. I must christmasize and organise before the parental units come on the weekend so they can actually have a bed to sleep on. Eep.

Current desktop picture: The Chinese symbol for Serenity. It literally translates to "To make your heart calm". I like.

Current book: The Hobbit. I realised I remember very little of it. So, I'm rereading it...loving it. Just finished the part where Bilbo escaped from Gollums cave. "What's it got in it's pocketses?"

Current song in head: "I hear Music" by Billy Holiday. The remix of it on this album is pretty catchy, but I like the original...that woman can sing like noone else.

Current DVD in player: I don't know. Haven't watched a DVD or the TV in ages...that would require sitting down...

Current refreshment: Tim Horton's coffee. An XL double friday indulgence. Yum.

Current worry: Can I get everything done by Christmas. And do I care? :)

Current thought: Break's over. I have lots to do today...should get to it.

Have a great day everyone :)


Pacian said…
I think of myself as the pudgy girl in the corner sometimes, and then I wake up.
Magnus said…
Lady, you just ain't fat - accept it. I'm fat - you isn't.
FirstNations said…
woo hoo! shake it sugaree! you can belly dance? DAYUM!

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