Slowly but surely

The house is now 1/3 defurred, ubercleaned and dusted, and thanks to J, decluttered and reorganised as we go. Good god, you'd think the cats spent days at a time actively shedding their body weight in fluff...lucky they are so cute...
J and I have been going to town, and I'm trying to keep at it all ALL week, so that at the end of the week all will be organised and clean and we can start putting things on the walls, and arranging furniture in the living room. It's very's like we've been in limbo for months, and suddenly the house is being restored to an *actual* house...not just rooms full of stuff haphazardly placed in groups. You don't realise how mentally oppressive that is until it's fixed. It's time to get rid of lots of things we've found and went "WTF is this for?", and have giggled at finding things we thought were lost forever...
I feel like we should have people over at the end just to show it off somehow...Christmas party anyone? :)

Unfortunately, my allergies are going haywire...what with me being allergic to mold, dust and catfur, but if I can hold out a bit more, it'll all be over. It's the reason FOR all the end I'll be much happier. And I'll have my house back.
Plus, at the end I get a reward of sorts. THEN I'm able to start to paint the old yellow craft room upstairs to turn it into a computer room, so J can finally set up his music gear's currently a tiny rubber duck yellow room with violent orange and pink trim (I'd like to state that I didn't do it, BTW, it came that way). I want to prime it and make it a nice lime green with white trim...THAT is my reward for cleaning the house. A redone computer room. I only planned it, oh, a year ago...he heh. By my standards that is a bit ahead of the game :)
And then... december and operation christmas...blinky light time.


Pacian said…
And your cat doesn't even have very long fur! :-P
the Bag Lady said…
Oooh, sounds loverly. Come do mine now, 'kay? ('cause I'm hosting Xmas this year and the house is a disaster and I need new flooring everywhere, and, and, and....)

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