Speaking of a monkey with a hangover...

Actually it's not *that* bad...I did have a great time last night after a long day of prep and such. Herbaliser was playing on campus which isn't the best bar for *seeing* a band, but their sound is good. We ended up being a bit early, so we went down into Place Riel and played some Twilight Zone pinball for a while..Man I'd forgotten how great of a pinball game that was. I spent many a time as a broke student playing that game, driving the replay cost up. It is the only game where I get all the missions, know where all the little spirals and loops go and can do all the missions...even battle "the power". A good way to start the evening...there's a lot more on-line game stations int he arcade than the last time I was there...cha-cha-changes...
The opening act for Herbaliser was half hip hop half funk, and were very dancable...and Herbalaiser? well they always put on a good show. I mean, with a DJ, trumpet, sax, flute, synth, bass and drums and a lead singer who can, indeed, wail, how can you go wrong?

There was much dancing, and we ran into people we hadn't seen in a while...and they kept buying pitchers...so I drank more than I would have. Not *too* much...but, enough to find myself incredibly classy and brilliant at conversation :)
Now I'm making breakfast, nursing my slightly queasy self, and preparing to attack the yellow monstrosity upstairs. It may take a bit before I'm ready...Today is 2 coats of primer on the Walls, and primer and paint on the ceiling.
The tricky thing is picking the green for the walls...I know *abstractly* what I want...in fact our bedroom is currently a happy bright green, which I'd like to match (we're painting it another colour soon but like it a lot) but all the green chips I brought home taped to the wall are all slightly off that colour...tricky paint. I'm leaning to a colour called leapfrog.


the Bag Lady said…
I can totally relate to how you are feeling today - we got into the beer last night, too! But I had to get up this morning and go fix the corral where two of the cows jumped over the fence and knocked down a rail to get to their babies! Then I had to sort the cows out of the calves....took me all morning! ~~sigh~~

Good thing I don't get hangovers!
grapecat said…
ha ha! I escaped hangover city this morning, and had the schadenfreude of seeing poor N afflicted while I was not - it is usually the other way around.

good luck painting -

me, i'm off to bed. weekend's over out here


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