Xnay on the Uffspay

This weekend I gave in to the nibbles and got some snackery. I'm always trying to find the ultimate cheese puff. I love cheesies and all things involving cheese, and I like spicy food, so these cheese nibbles looked like just the thing: all natural, real cheese, jalapeno...what could be bad about this?

Well...turns out - everything. They tasted like nothing. Honest. No flavour whatsoever. With all that promising description about 3 kinds of cheeses and jalapeno flavour...zilch. And the puffs themselves were mediocre - kinda crunchy, but mostly dry. I was very disappointed. I had to supplement with other less healthy tandoori ripple chips that were very delicious.

And so I warn you all - don't bother with these snacks unless you're into bland but crunchy empty calories.


I likes my empty calories to taste good...:)

Now, these? THESE are good...damn good. Go eat some. Avoid the cheesey poofs. You'll thank me...
The Bacon Queen has spoken: Empty calories for all!


the Bag Lady said…
I do not as a rule shop at Superstore, but was there last week. I saw those Tandoori Barbeque chips, but was afraid they might be too hot. I bought General Tao, and Piri Piri, though. Haven't tried either yet (I'm waiting for company to come so that if I don't like them, someone else might, and if I DO like them, I won't eat them all by myself!! Logical, eh?)

Have you tried either of those?
Geosomin said…
The piri piri are yummy too. And the Tao? I could eat a whole bag myself...They're mt fave of the 3.
This was a "new flavour" test...they're good...
There's a reason I avoid the snack isle in Extra Foods...:)
grapecat said…
yum. they look good. here they sell all these meat flavour chips - really gross. like prawn cocktail and roast chicken. they stink. crazy poms

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