You've got to give it away....

Things I have come across while carrying out operation clean sweep which are going to charity on wed:

-2 South Park ties...neither of which J remembers ever owning
-Mad Dawg suspenders in dayglo colours (may keep those for a laugh)
-An early 90s suit jacket with hammer time style arms and lapels
-Many pairs of shoes that I HATE but keep around so I have shoes of that particular colour...they are going away.
-A number of bridesmaid dresses from long ago (sorry Tabitha and Anna Lisa)
-A full set of ratty old luggage
-A solid brass vent cover
-My old favourite red winter jacket from many years ago
-No less than 3 old purses of varying colours and tackiness
-A sexy pair of boots I got on ebay for 2$ but I could never get zipped up all the way (damn)
-My old staff jacket from when I worked in the City of Regina water laboratory (nice jacket...way too big now)
-2 irons
-Old jackets and shirts from larger times

I did find some old stuff from our trip to London and our honeymoon...that was cool. I also found a paystub from university when I night managed a coffee shop for a whopping $6 an hour. Bizarre...

It's all getting put into one giant old suitcase and being given away. Lots more to go, but it's a start...


the Bag Lady said…
Don't suppose you would like to come and do the same thing at the Bag Lady's house, eh?
She really needs an intervention.....
Pacian said…
Oooh, I need a solid brass vent cover. My solid brass vent has been exposed for a while now.
Pacian said…
Wait, that's not an innuendo.

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