Honey- Where is the rake...?

Would the person I leant my rake to please stand up?
I can't remember and I need to rake. I'm assuming I leant it out, as really...who steals a rake?
I know that as soon as I buy one it will be returned and then I'll have 2.
So...to save the hassle, could whomever I leant it to in a fit of generosity please bring it back?



Missicat said…
Unfortunately people steal rakes..lot a rake and a couple of snow shovels when I had a house. *sigh*
Congrats on your Zoe! Love that name!
the Bag Lady said…
Damn - if you need it back that badly......

And congrats on the new niece! Love the name Zoe.
Hey, my word verification is anticit.
Maybe that's what Zoe will call you - Auntie cit
Okay, maybe not.
Pacian said…
Can I borrow it after you're finished? I'll give it back. Honest.

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