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Whew...what a day

Christmas is in the house

Jingle Bells

Holiday Tunes

Christmas rant to my coworkers


"These aren't the droids you're looking for. Move along. Move along..."

In the week before Christmas my Geo sewed for me...

I am not a number! I am free man!

Talking the Talk

The Richest Man In Babylon -Thievery Corporation

I am working honest

Star Trek as The A-Team


But Baby it's cold inside

Distractions and a whole lot of polka dotted fleece

Billie Holiday - Speak Love (Bent Remix)

Tee said titmouse


Beat Poet

What? Me? Worry?

Everything's not lost

If you give it away...

Back into that groove...

I'm sorry, I don't follow sportsball

Geo 1 Leaves 0

Under a pile of leaves

Daily Squee

Mash it up. ooh ooh...mash it up.

This headache is brought to you by the letters G and R and R and R...

Chemical Brothers ft Richard Ashcroft - The Test

Be Seeing You

Dulce et Decorum Est

Wait till Otis sees us! He loves us!

Doomy doomy doom

Tutus and hotdogs

Virus of another kind...


Spooky Nootchies

overly optimistic

Mmmm...oatmeal bread.

My butt aches. That is really wierd...

Both my arms are kind of sore


Leaping Lemurs


Tiptoe through the painttray

My right hand is cold...

It's been a long wait

Still snowing

Scruffy headed nerfherders rejoice

It's a wawwy


A beautiful rant...

Turkey for me Turkey for you...

Strut your stuff on the floor

siren song


No fair.

Remembering Wicket

Kids should play

Drooling ahoy!

Good grief

Weighty Ghost

My nose is still numb...

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