Weekends make things better

To cheer myself up on the weekend I lowered my IQ considerably with some decent rum and eggnog and watched some giggly cartoons...an animated Hellboy movie, some South Park and the like. Uncomplicated, giggle like a teenager sort of stuff...Cheered me up immensely. J was full of hugs and reminders of how awesome I am and with some huggy consolation by the end of friday I was feeling less like a dolt and more like a tipsy giggly fool, which was enough.

We got to go spelunking in our attic on saturday - that was amusing. We bought our house from family, and they had a bunch of old stuff from when their kids were little stored up in the attic. We'd never looked (out of sight out of mind), and just waited for them to come and get it some day - saturday they finally did. I was surprised at how much space there is up there - they took 2 Honda CRV loads full out of there...and after peering and looking around like little kids who've suddenly been given keys to a new hidey fort we moved some of our storable junk up there. Neat.

I didn't get as much painting done as I'd hoped with all the spelunking, but I still managed to repair the flashing on the roof and get a coat of paint on the trim. We got the stupid idea to redo the floor in there since everything is out of there right now...it's old warped paint speckled yellow vinyl tiles at the moment...think we'll find some cheapo laminate and put it in. So I have to pull of the baseboards (which I just painted...heh) and I'm going to see if I can bribe my Dad to come up a few days earlier in December and help me do it...shouldn't take too long. Then that room is done forever and ever amen...and then on to more declutter organising and the like. This is getting fun...we can *see* the difference and it just makes you want to keep going.

As a bonus, we got to meet our new neighbors again on sunday. They're doing some renos and had an old closet door out in their back yard. Being the general creepy oddballs that we are, we went over to ask if we could have one of them to replace our broken one in our hall closet and got to visiting for a few hours. She's due to have a baby next weekend and it was kind of cool to see how the "other half" lives...as he co-owns a car dealership they have a rather posh house, but it was cool to talk with them and discover that despite all that they're pretty cool, interesting and regular people. I grew up in a town of 300, so I like knowing my who my neighbors are, and I'm glad that we're starting to get to know the new people on both sides of us a bit at a time. We had to take off as I had bellydance practice (got to learn the moves for my solo - hey hey!) but it was nice. And (bonus) they said we could have the closet door...hope it fits.

And today...back to work. Bleh.
Must run...life calls :)


the Bag Lady said…
You have storage space in your attic?! Way cool!

Glad your weekend made up for your bad Friday!

And it is nice to have good neighbours, isn't it?

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