What would Jeebus do?

"I know you're full up this week, have to stay late today and tomorrow to do the work you have and aren't here friday, but do you think you just run 30 samples in two experiements this week for me? You know, just fit it in somewhere? And I should clarify that it's 5 samples for each of those 30 samples, so actually it is 150 samples total...and they need to be done in duplicate. Is this possible? I mean, you don't have to do them *all* today or anything..."

Fuck no.

That's 8 solid days of work.

Jeebus people.

*I need a piece of pie*


grapecat said…
ooooh - I had one of those today too - maybe it's the weather or something. Mine was from my boss, "would you mind picking this project up?" "What - now? Once you've procrastinated so long there is no rational chance in hell that it can be completed by it's drop dead date of 5 Jan? The one that the leadership team is watching like a hawk? The one where you have neglected to tie in any AV or IT support and they are flipping like seals about it? Of course not, no problem." grrr.
At least we're employed.
Unknown said…
mmm, floor pie.
Pacian said…
Jeebus would say, "IT'S HAMMER TIME!" And do the splits.

Magnus said…
Did you want brains with that?
Pacian said…
No, I'm fine thanks.

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