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I'm done!

And then there were gryphons...

If you had a pair of pants made out of potato chips, *then* you would have a party

An open letter to the stoners at the theatre last night

Haven't you always wanted a monkey?

Freedom of the press can try your patience


So very tired

Apparently I have an ego problem...

Fun with google

Batgirl to the rescue

Evil Bono

Waiting for snow...

Do or do not - do be do be do

From the mouth of babes...

Lazy evening

Garsh...ain't she purdy?

Variety is dead, Conformity lives.

For the love of God the label!!!!

A little riding and a lot of bones

What I'm up to at this very moment

Just one word...

NEWS FLASH! Wasp commando nearly breaks her toe

Happy Love Day!

A lighter shade of grey

do be do be do

Weather with a capital W

reafracting sunlight

blog huh?