Friday, November 28, 2008

I am trying to not be so dissapointed in myself right now


I just made a simple error at work and fucked up a whole bunch of stuff.
When I make mistakes it means I wasted my time, and usually (cus it's in a lab) $$ in fancy chemicals and reagents...and I hate it...I'm way too busy with too many things at once and I keep getting interrupted. Once in a blue moon, I get too overworked, and I make simple errors and when I make matters. Try being 100% diligent all the time. Try it. You can't be. Errors are what happens sometimes. I don't know how doctors and nurses handle least I don't hurt anyone when I screw up...just make more work for myself and waste $$ and time. Noone is here to ask about details of course as they're gone for the weekend, so nothing for it but to try and use my brain to decide how to best salvage what I can (after I've had a good cry) and get back to the rest of it all....and hope people aren't too pissed off at me.
God I feel stupid at times like this.
Guess it is no lunch or coffee for me today while I try and fix this...

*sigh*I hate days like this. I'm glad it is friday.



the Bag Lady said...

Hate it when shit like that happens! Hope you can salvage some of it. And at least no-one died....

Anonymous said...

The problem with mistakes is that they're so easy to make, especially when feeling tired or harried. And they always make me feel lower than a worm.

grapecat said...

hang in there sugar

Pacian said...

When I mess up at work, I tend to say, "Shitsticks!"

Which I always thought was really weird.