Another late night, but I'm done sewing all my gifts and making my cookie recipes in a jar. Just a few bath salts to shake up and a bit of gift wrapping to finish...but I managed to get all the big stuff done! I was starting to wonder :) I have to go get a snap installation kit for the bunting bag, as the one I bought doesn't actually have the thingy you need to put snaps in (??) but that's nbo big deal. And, yes, I have photos, but I'm not posting them until after the day of days in case inquiring minds stumble by and accidentally get spoilers. Can't have that...

It's a short day at work today...just a few experiments to finish up and then I'm shutting down the lab. It is off home to finish up the last of miscellaneous gifting and bake a few more cookies (Cuz...um...we ate the ones that were supposed to be gifted tonight. Had to test them for quality you know...)

Tonight is libations and snacking with some of the family and tomorrow is the day of wonder.
Should be nice...I'm looking forward to doing nothing in particular and relaxing. And sleeping in. DEFINITELY sleeping in :)

Merry Christmas everyone!


Anonymous said…
Merry Christmas to you too!

Lots of running around... I was going to post a photo of my tree on my blog, but I think that's going to have to wait.

Zzz. Hope you and J are keeping up better.

PS the word verification for this post is COOKEDES

Is that a hint from Santa?
grapecat said…
Merry Christmas Sweet! Enjoy - have fun.
We have - opened pressies last night then took Mom and Dad for some proper English Christmas-ness down to our local pub where they had live music. Lovely. Now today - TURKEY! yum.
And congrats on finishing everything - you are amazing! You have a very lucky family!
the Bag Lady said…
Hope you had a great Christmas, and that all your gifts were well received after all that work!
Rimshot said…
Happy Yuletide (I have to google 'yuletide' to see just what that's all about) to you and yours, dear lady.

Sleeping in ROCKS!

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