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Excuse me sir, when did the mongrels rule china?

If I haven't seen it it's new to me

This sucks and blows at the same time

My cat's breath smells like cat food

Happy Holidays

Handy me

Ho ho ho Me me me....

What a difference a day makes...

Interesting reaction, but what does it mean?

Silent Night, Blurry Night

Twilight Zone time

Here's a special phone number, so you can call me

6 Wierd Things About Me

Christmas Quiz

So far so good

Twimming the Twee

Nothing to see here...

Note to self


Slow days


Cuddle power

The day of the rabbit


The Fountain


How I spent my coffee break

Techno cat

Casino Royale

A word with you

Brewmaster, cut faster...

Evil friends and sewing machines

I'd give it a 9.3

Give me some tea you bastard

Poppin popadums

In search of Atlantis

Gravy Mcguffins

The evils of spinach

I'm so sweet like a nice bon bon

Cool Beans and other things


Agrajag to the rescue

Happy Halloween

Dining out with Geo, volume 1: The Golden Pagoda


And a good time was had by all

Build a fire….we’re gonna build a fire

They weeble and they wobble...

Be da be deep deep ba dee dee ba deep..

So there's this giant diamond, see...

fridays are fine for fantastically fresh freedom fries


Pie good. Cold Bad.

Experiment #2: Pie and the Plague

I have something to say.

Oh angel of joy and light unwanted, have you known the sickness?

Taking the plague on the road

Cheater Cheater Cheater

Hail to the geek

We now return to the program already in progress

Short Couple, Long Marriage

Whirling around like a carnival kid

Too crazy even for me

Cute thingy alert

Me may Mah mo Mooooo

The Champion Sound

Another day goes by

Lower hydration pergatory

Trivia contest

Watch out for ninja #9