It's been in my head since I woke up

I can't get this song out of my head: A&E by Goldfrapp off her new album.

Admittedly, I don't want to right now...:)

I'm rather upbeat-after a thick coat of primer the yellow is pretty much gone. Honest. The yellow bits will not need a second coat if you can believe it...odd. The room is already 243% more soothing than before. The trim will need another priming tonight and the ceiling took special smelly primer (blech)to cover up some waterstains, but it should be OK with one coat of ceiling paint now that it's been primed. It's already like a different room...unlike regular prep of rooms I've been able to *see* the difference as I prepped it. A nice change...
I didn't get more done because I took a break with my sickly husband to watch the Muppet Movie. I have never actually seen it before. I loved it. LOVED it...I mean Kermit on a bike and singing Rainbow Connection on a log in the swamp? How did I miss this when I was little?
Smile City...


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