She's crafty and she's just my type!

Here I got my sister in laws gift cards for a girly store, so they could indulge themselves...impractical wonderful girly stuff, just for them and noone else. Then I got ideas on the way home of something cool to make for them I'm on it...the more the merrier. Mom & Daughter aprons with cookie cutters and cookie recipe for Sis in Law her daughter (monogrammed with"hot stuff" and "small stuff") and recipes in a jar for my other sis in law together with some of my famous bath salts. For years J's grandma has sent back her big decorative jar I first gave her looooooong ago the end of November and I refill it with bath salts for her for another year :). And I found wicked comfy soft slippers for my Mum...and I'll be sewing baby stuff for my new nieces...and and and...squeep....explodey happy head alert!
I love making stuff for people.
Stuff they can use. That will make them smile.
Makes me smile...
And I (whaddaya think?) got a great idea to make stuff for ME too...a A funky chefs apron, with fleece for the back of it, with "naked chef" embroidered printed on comfy yet practical for thngs like cooking bacon in the nude. Ahem. I already have fabric to make myself one. Yes I'm a loser. And yes photos *will* follow. But just of the apron. Not me in it. Nuh uh. No way. Oh tell me you don't want one for lazy weekend do. I *know* you do.
If I cut out sleep before the holidays I bet I can totally get everything done...:)
Now that painting is done, I've had a breather and suddenly poof! It's holiday time.
Uh huh. Oh yeah.
I'm starting to feel it.
Duck and cover. Here I come...


the Bag Lady said…
I can totally relate to your excitement - I love making stuff for people, too!

Gee, if I sent you a big jar........... (I love me some bath salts!)
Anonymous said…
Email me your adress...I could mail you a big bag of them and you could put them in whatever jar you like :)
Corey said…
You so Holiday-ious.

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