Tomorrow and tomorrow and tomorrow

(image: I can't's been too long)

I'm so glad it's friday...I need a day off.
Work has been busy. Life has been busy.

Last night we got group choreography to remember along with the basic dance choreography for one of the bellydance routines...altho I hate the song it is to, the routine is a lot of fun. But the moves are tricky...and there is a lot of them. Eep. I'm trying to get the 3 song I am going to be in on my iPod so I can dance around on my breaks and such and try and get the routines down. I haven't had a lot of time at home (I'm not staying up past 12 to practice...) so I need to get to it so I don't make a fool of myself. I haven't even started to practice my solo yet. Doomed...

And the painting? Ha.
Ha hahahahaha haha ha
*wipes away tear*
Don't be silly darling...

And so it goes, this funny life business...


I suppose that Sting's Desert Rose has been done to death eh?

When can we expect to see your solo on YouTube?
Oops I made Frobisher fall off his Ice...Ok..he's back on...
is there a way to feed him a fishy?
Anonymous said…
to fee Frobisher, click the more tab. Then click the fishy...
I could almost handle's a Shakira song I'm stuck with.
Some years ago on a trip to Mexico I saw a babyfaced Shakira video Estoy Aqui and spent an entire day (singing loudly to local shopkeeps in my very best Spanglish) what I thought were the lyrics???...most of whom scratched their heads and wondered how much Tequila I had consumed that morning.

I finally found the cassette and began to spread the word..a few months later she broke out in North America and although I continue to take most of the credit for her success here I haven't seen one red penny for all of my efforts.

IMHO That song is still her best.
Pacian said…
"(image: I can't's been too long)"

Just picked at random out of the family album, I'm sure. :-P

"And so it goes, this funny life business..."

Don't worry, it'll all be over before you know it.
Anonymous said…
Thanks for the pep talk there :P

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