Stupid email.

I was sad because my bellydance class was cancelled yesterday...boo.
So I did lots of painting and am done priming...yay!
Then I discovered on an email this morning that class WASN'T cancelled after all...boo.
But at least I still have rehearsal for my (eep) solo dance tomorrow...yay!
Oh, no I just checked and actually the rehearsal was after class...which I missed...boo.

(guess I'm gonna try and book an individual lesson on the weekend)

I gotta ask:
Whatever happened to *calling* people to let them know about things? There's only 6 of us performing in february...how hard is it to call us.
I'm not entirely a fan of this modern age when crap like this happens.

Where's my pills?
I want applesauce!
I'm cold and tired and there are wolves after me...


Missicat said…
It's amazing that dialing the phone is so darn difficult these days...Hope the wolves go away!
Rimshot said…
you mean you don't have your emails forwarded to your crackberry?
Anonymous said…
I don't have a crackberry...or cell phone.
I just expect people to leave me a message...y'know...in real life :)
I'm just on a rant as I've noticed most bad news now comes by email, while good is sometimes still in person.
Pacian said…
No, sorry, but shut up. Try being deaf for a while and you'll realise how much people expect others to be able to use a phone.

I don't mean to be mean, but a great deal of the stress in my life comes from making/receiving phonecalls for my mum and if it could all be done by email I'd be a lot happier.
Pacian said…
PS. I tag you.

PPS. Sorry, I'm in a bad mood.
Anonymous said…
Hmmm...no offense taken.
I admit, I'd not thought of that this morning when I went off on my rant...you're right-that would be frustrating. I work with someone who has lost her hearing over the past few years... she has the opposite view to me - she loves the whole email revolution as it makes her life so much easier.
I'm just thinking of how simple it is to hide behind an email and shy away from bad news. To me, I'll take a written letter or a phone call over an email any day...

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