Tee hee...you said titmouse

My friend Chris was talking about how he was giggling like a titmouse.
After sniggering like a 5 year old I got to wondering:
What exactly is a titmouse (other than a word to make all people under the age of 40 giggle at)?

So I looked it up...it gets wierder - it's not a rodent at all. It's a bird. Sort of like a miniature bluebird. AND...wait for it...there is even a tufted titmouse...which made me giggle even harder.

Why call a bird a mouse?
(How is a door ajar? bwaha ha ha...)

Do birds giggle? And how do they sound when they giggle?

I'm not sure, but I bet it's AWESOME...


MaCanuck said…
Bloody scientists, don't understand the english language.

It's actually was titmase or titmose, but has evolved to be titmouse because, well, that's what language does.

The word tit means small (What do you mean, speak for yourself?). The word mase means (wait for it), small. So more properly, you should be asking why you are calling the bird a "small small."

But while we're on the topic, from a purely aesthetic POV, the word TIT is so wrong to describe the female breast. It's all lines and hard and abrupt. Much more pleasing to the eye is BOOB which is all about curves, aesthetically matching what it is describing.

Okay. Stop tittering now. No, really. Stop it. Oh, you're such a twit.
On a semi-related note, one day I want to visit Lake Titicaca, just so I can show people my photos from Lake Titicaca and tell people all about my trip to Lake Titicaca.

Did I mention that the largest lake in South America is called Titicaca?

Titicaca. Tee hee.

... And it's connected by a river to another body of water called Lake Poopo! I kid you not. (I just found that out via Wikipedia. Wild.)
the Bag Lady said…
You get the most interesting comments.
No one comes to my blog to talk about boobs.
Oh, wait.... that might be because I don't titter about titmouses (titmice?) *snicker.
grapecat said…
hee hee. in our garden we see bluetits, smalltits, and even greattits :)
Magnus said…
Show us your tits? (by which I mean birds)
One of the professors at New Mexico State University performs research on Burrowing Owls, so I refer to her as the woman with the small hooters.

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