An open letter to Whirlpool and JennAirr:

Dear Sirs,
Let's play a game. OK? OK.
Guess what?
No, go on...guess.

The stove panels I've been waiting for for my new stove from you for months (since bloody June) just arrived...and they are damaged! Again!


Do they hire idiots for your warehouse? Do you routinely beat the shipments with cannons prior to shipping out....
And, is this thing cursed?
Seriously...I'm scared to hook it up in case it blows up at this point.

So now I wait AGAIN, as they are ordered AGAIN.
It's 2 weeks until the thing is going in my kitchen - a mere 6 months after it arrived.

Hear me loud and clear.
There is no mistaking this: I WANT MY PANELS!

If you weren't going to give me the entire appliance, you should have let me know outright...what does it take to get an entire appliance in this country?

Sincerely, Geo



MaCanuck said…
but how do you REALLY feel?
Anonymous said…
Double gah!

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