Both my arms are kind of sore

Yes - I have used the health care system to get both flu shots this morning. I am immunized now against the regular flu and H1N1. Yup, 1 in each arm. You see, I have asthma and flu is BAD for me. I get very ill. This was good for me.
Even though the H1N1 vaccine is not thoroughly enough tested (in my opinion) the risks of it do not outweigh me getting the flu...then pneumonia and bronchitis as I always do, thanks to my crappy lungs. I've never reacted to vaccinations before (other than a sore arm) so when I heard that I could get both vaccinations because I work in a hospital lab, I got in line stupidly early and got both my shots. And now I'm good to go.

Given that my husband is coming down with something suspiciously flu like I'm hoping I made it in on time :)

Thinking of getting the H1N1 vaccine? Here's a link to the product information from the company that makes it. Read up. Make an informed decision. The last 4 pages are patient info you'd get when you asked about it at your doctor. The other are all the possible info available to doctors....

Later day update: So very tired :) I'm not sure if it's being up a lot of the night listening to J cough or if it's from the vaccines. They normally make me tired. I'm looking forward to going home to bread and chili and a nap...


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