Still snowing

Anyone out there??????

Buried in snow?
Feeling a little cold...honk if you're there, K? I'm a bit adrift and disconnected in the snow myself. I need more fall...

Bellydance class was cancelled last week due to snow (yeah I know...silly) but tonight I'm again excited that (barring a flash blizzard) it's on. I've got all my kit and I'm ready...again :) It's been a hectic week and I need to dance off some stress and take in some energy. There's a freedom I get from movement I can't quite explain...
I've had the Jesus Jones song Motion in my had all morning and it captures the edgy, twitchy feeling I've had since snow has come and the mornings have gotten dark:

"I've got to have motion, I get relief in motion
When I move I'll be fine.
Have to find the right speed to shake off what I don't need,
And leave it all behind.
Motion takes me...."


MaCanuck said…
I can understand cancelling belly dancing lessons for snow. I mean, not a lot of fabric on those outfits, I suspect it woulda been real cold.

(Ducks. Runs.)
the Bag Lady said…
Hey! It warmed up here and our snow is sorta/kinda melting! Maybe we'll get a little Indian Summer before winter actually sets in! :)

Happy dancing. No, I mean you - have a good time belly dancing.

Well, okay, I'm doing a little happy dance, too....
Pacian said…
I mailed you some hot water.

Hope it gets to you before the envelope goes soggy.

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