I've been sitting on this for a while, but I can finally explode and tell you all:

I am officially a graduate student! They can't get rid of me now...(just take all my $$ and time!)
My first MSc committee meeting is next week. I start my research in January. Working full time and graduate studies...ah! The stuff of legends.
I'm working on a project to improve testing and quality of testing for some aspects of breast cancer diagnosis. A real practical project in a field I love...that may help people.
I. am. so. excited.

Let the madness begin!!


MaCanuck said…
Hang on.

You're going to school to study breasts?

Man, how come they didn't offer those sort of things where I went to school?

And you say practical. Do you mean...hands on?

In my mind, this whole graduate school thing you're talking about looks something like this:
grapecat said…
Congratulations! That is wonderful news. I have no doubt that you will enjoy it, and that you will succeed as well. You're right - it's no picnic working full time and studying at that level, but it's not impossible and drive goes a long way. You're working and studying in a similar environment too which will help.

have fun!!
Pacian said…

Congratulations, and good luck! You're now fully qualified for this:
the Bag Lady said…
Go, you!
I know you can do it, even though it will take a lot of hard work. It will be worth it.
Geosomin said…
Ah Trent...always the classy one...

Thanks guys :)
Well done. Your enthusiasm will make this world a better place.
I'm always shocked at the number of young women in the prime of life who succumb to this horrible disease.

On a lighter note..If there was ever a cause that has awareness is a public service announcement that will have remotes hittin the floor :)

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