overly optimistic

Yeah, um, I thought I was on the mend, but yesterday was full on fever, chills and aches and sneezes. Not the most fun.

I must say though, I feel miles better today-back and arm aches are nearly gone for the first time all week, no more fever and I have some energy. J is doing much better too...he can look after me now. He went back to work today.

It's not what I had in mind for my birthday, but hopefully by tonight I'll feel a bit better. Being in bed is boring. When your goal for your birthday is to get fully dressed and have a beer in your house I think that's doable...I'm glad to see the light at the end of the tunnel. There are only so many James Bond movies you can watch on the couch before you get stir crazy...I'm still of the opinion that Golden Eye and Casino Royale are my favourites....

Here's to getting better. Cheers!


the Bag Lady said…
Hope you recover enough to enjoy your birthday!
Happy Birthday, Geo!
Anonymous said…
I've been sneezing all today; hope I haven't caught your chills. Hope you feel better in the next ten minutes, if you haven't already! Hope you have fun!

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