The Richest Man In Babylon -Thievery Corporation

Goooood morning!
I've had this groovy little song in my head all morning.
Hope you enjoy having it in yours...a little reggae groove thing for your morning.

As for me today, now that I've survived the frozen wasteland to get to work, I'm playing real life tetris in the lab. We have a 6 foot long biosafety cabinet we want to move to the other side of the lab so our very pregnant tech can use it, but there are protruding benches and gear in the way. We've turned and spuna dn moved it all over...and now are trying some moving guys to help us see if we can fit it in. It's soooooo close to fitting. Fun fun...we shall see if we or the room wins.

$10 buck on we... :)


This song rings true. My trip down to SoDak this summer was a grim reminder that Merka isn't "just like us".

It is a GINORMOUS war machine. No wonder the rest of the world is so scared of them? I feel conflicted because I know that if Uncle Sam wasn't so powerful that many rogue nations would lay waste to most of the world...but can't they siphon off some of their military budget to provide healthcare and education?
Sorry, this was supposed to be aboot moving cabinets, my bad :)
Geosomin said…
Hmmm...yes, the lyrics of this song are so very serious...a beautiful soothing song that makes you think...
grapecat said…
rogue nations are free to be nefarious without censure from the US or anyone else as long as they don't have something else that everyone wants. check out north korea or burma. personally i would worry much more about the west laying waste to most of the world.

can you take the cabinet apart? we moved a large and heavy sofa 3x with great difficulty until an observant mover wondered why we didn't just dismantle it.
Geosomin said…
Well, it's a welded metal it can't come apart. And so bean the hilarity.
Thankfully the awesome mover guys (thanks Dave and Jason) mad eit fit!

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