Distractions and a whole lot of polka dotted fleece

If any of you are of the praying, happy thought wishing or a magician sort, please send my mum some happy healthy thoughts today. She's still in the hospital, as they haven't been able to find a medication yet to help her poor tired heart out. They're trying something else today and hopefully by Friday we'll know if it's working...we'll see. Mom was hoping to be out of the hospital and up here by Monday, but life is what it is. Luckily her doctor is amazing and is doing all he can to figure things out. Having her in the hospital to observe while they change her medications around is perfect - she's properly cared for and they can monitor her very closely, as she is quite a bit more tired than normal.
Mum is getting quite bored. I helped Dad type up the Christmas letters and she's spent a few days addressing envelopes and all that, but now she's done that, so hopefully she has some crocheting to do. I wish I lived closer so I could swing by with some of the Danielle Steele fluff novels she likes to read...or to just hang out and visit. My Mum's not much of a visitor, but I think by now she'd like a visit or two.
It's a catch 22 really. You have a poorly functioning heart valve and a heart flutter, so you take medications for most of your life to thin your blood and help your heart beat stronger to compensate...and then eventually your heart just gets tired from all that extra work for years and years. That's essentially what stage Mum is at now. Hopefully they can find something to help her heart keep up....she may just be a low energy lady now though. It's hard to think about that, and I hope it doesn't come to that, as she's already slowed down a fair bit, but maybe that is the way it will be. We'll see. When you're 76 things don't bounce back like they used to :).
Thankfully my Dad is keeping himself well and sounds in reasonably good spirits. He's right in that there's not a lot of good worrying can do for my Mum, so I'm trying to send her happy thoughts instead as I'm too far away to visit. I think I'll have some flowers delivered today too. She'll like that. Hopefully she'll be able to come home soon and they can come and visit. Screw the renos...I just want to see them. The rest will happen when it happens.

I compensate for worrying by keeping busy...last night I cut out all the patterns I'll be sewing for my 3 little nieces for Christmas so I can sew at them as I have time. 3 different styles of bunnyhug/jackets with a matching hat. If I make 1 a week until the holidays I'll be done just on time. I have tonnes of fabric left over as the patterns had me buy a bout 1/3 more fabric than I needed (they're always that way it seems), so if anyone needs some blue, green, pink polka dot or pink swirly flannel and fleece, I'm your gal. I am thinking of finding some ridiculous hat patterns and making some of the gaudiest winter hats around...not sure what else to do with it. There's just not quite enough of any of them to make anything for me...any ideas?? Heh...anyone want a gaudy hat? :)


the Bag Lady said…
Quilt. Make a crazy quilt. Or two. Or three.
Just sew all the scraps together in whatever fashion they'll fit. It'll be great.
Anonymous said…
Sending some thoughts to visit your Mum -- hope she's not too surprised. :-)

For a long time I had a little hexagonal patchwork drawstring bag, lined. It was beautifully made (not by me), but it lost its drawstring and finally wore out. I washed it, and Mum took it from the washing machine and threw it out! Perhaps you could make one of those to take up where mine left off.
Pacian said…
If your mum gets a package full of space cats and robot cowboys, my happy thoughts arrived.

Best wishes all.

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