But Baby it's cold inside

I sit bundled in the fuzziest of pajamas under a duvet in a house with many little space heaters going to keep it about 14 degrees. I can finally relax and get some sleep.
Well the motor has gone on my furnace, and it would seem that it went off just after we both left this morning...and seeing as I just got home around ten, it's gotten quite chilly in here. I called around and having someone come in would add about $200 to the price of things for tonight, as J managed to borrow a bunch of space heaters that we have running about the place to keep it at at least this temperature. The guy can come at 7AM tomorrow to replace the motor. Joy. It'll cost a bit less, but what can ya do? Can't live without a furnace in winter in these parts...

Moral of the story - if your furnace fan motor starts making weird intermittent squeaky noises in -35 weather, don't just go "huh that's an odd sound". Call someone about it before it cacks out all together the next day...

13 degrees is cold for inside :)


Rimshot said…
Think warm thoughts!
the Bag Lady said…
Oh, no! Wish I could share my wood stove with you!
Hope everything gets fixed quickly, and doesn't cost too much.
At least you had a good excuse for huddling together through the night..... :)
Geosomin said…

It's all been fixed, and wasn't too expensive. Waiting until morning was a smart idea...it would have about doubled the price. I must commend the local small busness guy we got to come in - friendly, no bullshit and he fixed us up with no extra charges or other fluff. Integrity Plumbing and Heating. Good guy.

So guess who I think will be diong the install on my oven? :)

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