Christmas is in the house

Christmas day in our house was nice and mellow this year...what a pleasant way to spend the day.
There were a few top things for the day:
For J - the Ghostbuster's car...
For me - GIANT DOMO!!!

I'm glad that another Christmas is done.
This Christmas was quite nice, as it was a lot slower and relaxed.

J and I just spent a relaxing day together, and then had family dinner on Boxing Day. Then Magnus and I attempted authentic coq au van yesterday. Not too shabby. Never had a capon before...I don't know as I'd do it again soon as it was a LOT of work, but combined with the oven roast potatoes, asparagus and cheddar beer bread (thanks robot) it was pretty tasty...quite enough tasty food for a while though I think. Back to regular old foods...

Craftwise it all went well. I made 3 kinds of napkins for the sister in law:

And then bunnyhugs/jackets and hats for my 3 nieces.

I'm particularly happy with the one I made for my oldest neice- the ribboned fleece just looks so nice.

And now today I plan on sewing for myself...I have had fabric and a pattern for a bellydance choli for a while, so I' going to get started on that to keep busy.
My Dad just called and my Mum is back in the hospital I'm trying not to worry while they readjust her water pills and try and get her feeling better, so she's not retaining fluids and can breathe easier. Their plans for new years at the lake are done...Dad is heading back to close up things and hopefully they will let her go home soon. Poor Dad is so worried...I'm trying to keep busy on my week off and do pleasant things to pass the time, as there's not much else I can do.

Hope you all are having a relaxing holiday...


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