Doomy doomy doom

I have just gotten back from a quick and lovely weekend away visiting friends and helping set up Doomfest....just a dance party put on my my good friends. We helped set up and then danced the night away in ridiculous costumes. JJ played his first DJ set completely from scratch - no songs the music was all built by him, live on the fly...I'm so proud of him. It went very well. I forgot to take pictures most of the night, so I confess I have no excitement to show you. My costume was great though...not the most sexy outfit I've ever worn, but a lot of fun. It's fun wearing an obscure costume, because about 1 in 20 people get who it is and they giggle and love it...and I must say, tutus really are fantastically absurd to wear.
It was so nice to have the chance to visit this weekend with a bunch of people we haven't really seen in ages. As a bonus, I was really glad that I finally got to sit down and talk with an old friend who has gone through a lot in the past little while. He is doing so much better and I'm so glad. After set up all just relaxed and had a great night...and then cleaned it all up afterwards. Doomfest was a rousing success.
After a night of fun our friend David had us all over for french toast at his house and sent us on our way home with a bottle of cloudberry wine from his trip to Newfoundland. Apparently cloudberries are little tart apples that grown in the town where he was staying. I can't wait to try it :)
And now somehow I blinked an I'm back home and here sitting at my work desk on lunch break.
How did that happen?



the Bag Lady said…
Sounds like you had a great time! Glad to hear it. Everyone needs to goof off and have fun once in awhile.

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