My right hand is cold...

Once again I am the proud owner of one left hand glove.

I have an ingenious knack of losing 1 glove...always the right least 20 times per winter.

10 days ago I bought a nice fuzzy pair of black gloves...and this morning I left one of them on the bus, for what will not be the first time this fall/winter. I take the right one off on the bus to fiddle with my iPod, open my coffee or what have you...and put it somewhere where I "for sure won't forget it"...and then usually every few weeks I do.

In the past I've resorted to buying lots of pairs of those stretchy micro gloves...they aren't all that warm, but if you lose one, they are uni-hand, so just grab another one and you are good to go...until you're down to just one again. Then you get some more. I splurged last time on a nice pair.

I should know better :)

Sometime this week it's back to a small collection of mini gloves. I have to stock up on them. My good warm winter knitted fleece lined gloves have an idiot string on them that goes thru my sleeves of my coat so I can't lose them. I am mocked mercilessly about this, but I haven't lost any of them yet! Heaven help me if the string breaks!

This weekend was a very busy and smoochfilled one.
Yes, let me just say that kissing a smooth faced man is really the way to go :) J has no mustache or beard and it's wonderful. I lot of catching up to do. Heh.

And we got a lot done around the house. We both got up early both days and got to a list of chores we've had for ages: we reinstalled a pane of glass in the bedroom window that I broke painting, I cleaned the windows, we painted a box for J's light kit that Dad built and primed and painted the bookshelf Dad & J built at the lake last weekend. I hemmed 3 pairs of J's pants (which I've had ready to hem for only 6 months...heh), and I made homemade pizza dough and buns with the new breadmaker. Soooooooo gooooooood. Even if I never make a loaf of bread with it it was worth it just to make 15 of the most delicious big kaiser buns I've ever had. Yummers.

I made a serious dent in setting my craft room and I helped J install track lighting in the computer room and in our upstairs hallway and stairs. And half of it even works!
I'm not sure what is up with the one in the bedroom, but at least the one in the hallway works and you have NO IDEA how cool this is. 4 and a half years ago the fixture up there started acting up and then quit working. We didn't replace it, as we meant to put up track lighting when I painted...which (cough) we did over a year ago...and then after having the track lighting for a mere 6 months we have actually installed it sunday. Our hall is a zig zag so there was lots of cutting and drilling and crazy ladder hanging to install it but it all works except for a little endy bit, which I'm sure we can just swap out. I keep just going to the hall and turning the light on and looking at it and grinning like a nutter. I cannot reiterate how utterly cool it is to have a light in the hall. I'm a scaredy cat, and a tripper so having light on the hall and stairs is a good thing. It's frustrating that the light in the computer room isn't working, but we'll fiddle with it next time we have some time...I'm sure we'll figure it out eventually...

Sunday afternoon was fun too - I got together with my sis-in-laws and niece cutestuff and we made Halloween hfoamy mansion houses and crafted them up with paint and sparkles and fake blood and ghosts...lots of fun and a great reward for a busy weekend. Then J's Mum made us all manicotti for supper. Couldn't ask for a better day really.

I hope you all had a nice weekend.

Happy monday :)


Geosomin said…
Lost another one today...*sigh*

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